Friday, July 27, 2012

Grey Tie Bachelorette

So remember I said I have 3 friends getting married within a month of each other?  Well one of the bachelorette parties is going to be in Vegas with a "50 Shades of Grey" theme.  So of course 'Grey Tie' from the Saturated Canary was perfect.  I have to make 21 of these tags which will be attached to the swag bags.  You say eeeeeeek, right?  I sure did because I'm spread a little thin with a lot of projects right now so I had to cheat a little.  Oh ok.... maybe a lot.  I colored only one of these cute little images and then I took her to my local copy shop.  They scanned it and made it into a bunch of smaller ones!  Whew!!  That saved me a lot of work considering the tag itself is taking quite a bit of work!  They even made me a huge 11X17in one that will be used on a sign that will be in the foyer of their suite!  How awesome is that?

The one you are looking at was actually a scanned image, not the original I colored.  Not too bad right?  I think they did a great job.  I hope the girls really like her!!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Black & White +Teal

My sister has posted her B/W +1 for the SC Challenge and now it's my turn!  DT members please note that my sister and I share this blog.  We realize there is only to be one entry and we are only entering ONE card each.  Please do not delete our entries!  Thank you! :)

This is the lovely "Fancy" and she was a freebie from the oh so generous Krista at the Saturated Canary!  I made her into a wedding card for a coworker.  I have 3 friends at work who are getting married within 1 month of each other!!  EEEEEK!  I hafta's get busy!!  Anyway, all 3 of these lovely ladies are always decked out to the nines so I'm going to try and make their cards to match that!  I will be posting my other cards as I complete them.

papers: Bazzill, GCD, Fancy Pants
flowers: Wild Orchid Crafts
punches: Martha Stewart
dies: Cheery Lynn, Spellbinders
metal initials: Making Memories
feathers: michaels (colored w/copics)
ribbons,pearls,stick pin beads: Michaels

Sorry about the poor quality pics.  It's really late and I couldn't wait till daylight because I wanted to get her posted!  Off to make more wedding cards!

I am entering Fancy into these challenges:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Black White Plus One

WOW...It's been a week since I've been able to color and I think I've had some withdrawals.  Too many things going on in our lives and it never seems to stop.  But tonight I was finally able to play a little bit.  There have been visions in my head of a vintage look for a while but every time I try to color, the images just turn out dark.  I'm not sure why I can't do pastels or vintage light coloring.  I'm going to need to start searching the internet for tutorials.

Anyway, I like this girl.  I have two dogs and love to hold and cuddle with them, so this was a must have digi from Krista's Saturated Canary website.  Obviously my plus one color is green.  Black hair is not my favorite thing to color but I found a two color combination that I actually like (100 and C3) and it seems really easy to me.  The other difficulty for me is trying to leave white highlight.  I think I did a good job in her dress but completely missed the boat on her bow.  Oh well...practice, practice, practice.  I'll keep trying but in the meantime, I hope you like her!

Here she is close up!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's All About the Shoes

I've finally finished my card of Dorothy.  I loved the Wizard of Oz, not just for the story it told, but because of those sparkly red shoes.  Yummy.  So when Krista put up the bling challenge, I had to use Dorothy and glitter up those shoes.  I remember my daughter being smaller and they had those Mary Jane shoes in red glitter.  I secretly wished I could get them in my size so we could play dress up together. I love those things.  I hope you can see the glitter in the shoes but I don't think the camera does it justice.  I purposely left the bows uncolored so the eyes aren't distracted from the red.

I tried to keep to my KISS promise tonight.  Maybe it's because I'm tired and lazy.  But it still feels good that I did.

I am entering her in the following challenges:

Saturated Canary Challenge #21 Bling It Out
Stamptacular Sketch Challenge #171
Stamp N Plus July Anything Goes Challenge


Friday, July 13, 2012

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

So I've disappeared for a while.  It's been a busy two weeks.  Thank you to my sister for holding up the blog fort.  She's starting her rotation back to work and it looks like I may have a little weekend r&r that I can do some scrapping.  Last night I had a Stampin' Up party with my friend Erin (the demonstrator).  We had fun and I thought I would post one of the cards everyone made.  They also made candy wrappers, Little Debbie toppers and tea bag holders.  All very cute.  The only thing I did was a card because I was busy being a hostess.  It was fun though.  I will say that this reminds me that I don't have to do complicated and detailed embellished cards to create cute and quick notes and letters.  I often get stuck and stressed on trying to "deck" out a card.  Erin reminded me we can express our thoughts with simple cards also.  It also reminds me to slow down and apply this principle in life.  I need to simplify a lot of things and remind myself that I can enjoy the simpler things in life.

With that said, I am onto my challenge card for Krista's site (so much for my own thoughts) but I am going to try to KISS moving forward.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nurse graduation!

So I'm really late in getting this graduation card posted but it was actually done in time!  LOL! 
This is called "Nurse" from CC Designs and I think she is adorable!  I'm a nurse so I'm always looking for cute nurse stamps.  I actually made one of these into a cute little 1" image and put her on my badge at work.  Everyone loves it and thinks she is a sticker!  (I always correct them of course! tehe).   It was made for a nurse friend who's little sister was just graduating nursing school.

Sassy Wedding Garter

For today's entry I have "Wedding Garter" from Kenny K at Whimsy stamps.  She is perfectly styled but yet has a little sassy, naughty to her!  I love that!  She is colored in all warm grey Copics and I added a little bling bling here and there!  Wish I had a rock on my hand that stood out like hers!  Hint hint hubby!!  LOL!

This was a lot of fun to make and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Baby Jake Gets Nautical!

So here he is!  I followed the same layout as Baby Cakes so he was super fast to complete!  The woman I made this for has her son's room decorated with a nautical theme so I thought this guy would be super cute for them!

Blingy Baby Cakes

So I have no excuse on why this card is just now getting done!  This Baby Cakes and Baby Jake were the first images I ever colored when I was learning to use my Copics last August!!  I can't believe they sat around this long unfinished!  Oops!  So now the people who are going to receive these cards have babies that are 10+ months old!  Oh well, it's the thought that counts right??  Better late than never??  Hehe.  Guess I AM making excuses!  This is literally the first image I colored so go easy on the coloring skills!  I think I have improved a little since then.

I couldn't tell you what colors I used since it was almost a year ago!  LOL!  I will also post Baby Jake later today.  He was also colored last August as one of my first images!  Anyway, both of these cuties are Saturated Canary images.  I will be entering this cute baby girl in the Saturated Canary Bling Challenge.