Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blingy Baby Cakes

So I have no excuse on why this card is just now getting done!  This Baby Cakes and Baby Jake were the first images I ever colored when I was learning to use my Copics last August!!  I can't believe they sat around this long unfinished!  Oops!  So now the people who are going to receive these cards have babies that are 10+ months old!  Oh well, it's the thought that counts right??  Better late than never??  Hehe.  Guess I AM making excuses!  This is literally the first image I colored so go easy on the coloring skills!  I think I have improved a little since then.

I couldn't tell you what colors I used since it was almost a year ago!  LOL!  I will also post Baby Jake later today.  He was also colored last August as one of my first images!  Anyway, both of these cuties are Saturated Canary images.  I will be entering this cute baby girl in the Saturated Canary Bling Challenge.