Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Copic Marker Holder Case

I think one of the challenges anyone has with Copic markers is how to store them and make them useable.  I like to be able to find my marker quickly, but I also like to be able to transport them.  I've tried the Art Bin and the grid made from lighting covers but quickly noticed that my markers don't fit in the slots straight and are "very tight".  The Copic Bag is nice but all the markers are thrown together making it hard to find the marker you want quickly.  So I've searched high and low for a bin and then asked my husband to make inserts for it.  This is the result:

There are slots for 374 markers.  Plenty for all the Copic colors plus additional pens or markers. It's great because you can lay it down or on it's side while you are coloring.

And it comes with a great lid that latches shut with the handles.  Transporting them is very easy.

The boxes are for sale on my Etsy site TJandThings.  They are available in smoke, teal, pink or purple transparent bins.

Also available is an insert for the Copic bag.  It has slots for 274 Copic Sketch markers. 

***UPDATE ****
Bins that hold Copic Originals, Spectrum Noir, and Promarker markers are here!  You can order it from TJ and Things on Etsy!


*Shipment will occur 3-5 business days from date of order due to the hand made nature of these holders.