Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sending BIG Bear Hugz!

Okay, so this is not the funnest subject but one I've been forced to think about recently.  Again.  I've had a few close personal friends who have succumbed to breast cancer and they were in this very position so I ask the question, What would you do if you were told you only  had 3 months to live?   Have you done everything you wanted to do in life?  Have you given enough?  Given the best of yourself every day?   How do you close shop on your life when you've been given such a sentence?  I can't even imagine.  

 Mary, a co-worker of mine, is taking a family leave because her husband was given his 3 months.  Brings a lot of painful memories of some of the feelings I had when my friends were going through this and it always makes me think of how precious life really is.  You have to make everything count.  Love hard.  Play hard.  Give your very best!  I made this card for Mary and had everyone at work sign it so we could let her know we are thinking of her during this difficult time.  :)

I just love this sweet little image and it is from Sassy Cheryl's Digital Stamps and it is called "Big Bear Hug".
I hope Mary finds a little bit of comfort when she receives this card.