Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Craft Hoarder

I try not to use the word "hoarder", but who am I kidding.  When it comes to craft supplies, I may fall into that category.  I mean when I walk into a store..."look at those stamps, OMG all the paper and oh wowee, distress inks, markers and dies..oh my".  Yes I guess when you walk into my scrap book room, some people would call me a hoarder.  BUT, at least I'm an OCD hoarder.  Almost all my stuff is neatly organized.  I'm one of those people that spend as much time organizing as I do creating.  Which causes things like posting to a blog to go a little on the way side.  So sorry!

And since my last post, I've had a wedding, a couple of trips out of town, and the holidays!  Whew!

So I am now posting things I've done in the last few months but just haven't gotten to putting on here yet.

This one is a card I made for the ladies at my local crafting store.  They are dabbling in Copics, so I thought I would make a card so they can see what their Copic markers can do.

Colors Used

Below is a birthday card for my father.  I used a digital stamp called Man at Work by Just Ink Lined. Colors are by Pan Pastels and Distress Inks.

I made this card for him too but I felt like I ruined it with the brown distress ink.  So I put it away. Now he's kind of growing on me.  It is a digital image from Polka Doodles called Ranger from the Work N' Play Country Life collection.

In June, a group of wonderful women attended the Kit and Clowder Retreat in Anaheim.  We got to meet the lovely Alyce Keegan and work on some really great projects.  We also were able to spend some time together at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.  We all took some really great pictures. I tried to commemorate our time together with a few of them.  So I spent some time putting together a quilt for Alyce.  

Sewing isn't really my ball of yarn...but I think it turned out nicely.

Here is the Bone Queen from Aurora Wings!  I love Halloween and I've been wanting to color her up for quite some time.

Colors Used

Another Halloween image that I've been dying to color.  This one is from Ching-Chou Kuik called Wicked Musing.  I was a little nervous to try out the stone wall, but really like how she turned out!

Colors Used

And thanks to Alyce at Kit and Clowder, I've been working on some colored pencil images.  All the images below are from Ching-Chou Kuik.  Still have some practice to do!

Thanks for letting me go back in time for a few months!  It's nice to finally see these on the blog.