Sunday, February 22, 2015

Organization Update

My husband made the embellishment shelves I wanted, and they turned out great.  There is a 12 foot section of wall in my scrapbook room that was blank and I've been saving it for shelves.

And here is the embellishment wall that was added.  I love that I can see all my flowers, buttons and scrap ribbon and just grab the items I need.

He also made a topic bin for me.  I purchased an art bin from the local office supply store.  He took the dimensions of the bin and made this beautiful Copic sketch marker holder.  Umm, yes, I love this.  It can lay flat or on its side while you are using them.  The lid clips securely on and has side handles that snap over the lid to make a more secure latch.  It has 374 slots which is more than enough for all the Sketch markers and a few extra slots for Molotov pens and black liner pens.

I am a lucky girl!