Monday, October 29, 2012

Spooky Cute Zombies II (OUT OF CONTROL!)

  My last entry was just the card topper but here is the final easel card completed!
(Please see my last entry for more detailed pics of the front of the card)

Instead of brads to hold the card in place, I used more skeleton hands!
(They're coming out from under the ground)
I tried to make a huge paper wound to add to the gore
but I'm not super happy with it.  I added stitches to make
it seem more authetic. 

Here is the pocket on the inside of the card that holds
another sentiment and a place to write.

Cards pulled out of pocket...
(keeping with the zombie theme)

And a little added bonus to ward off those brain-eating Zombies...

Found those cute gummie brains at Target!!  Love it and it worked perfect
for my project!!

I used my Spellbinders and Word to make the candybag topper.

This is a gift for someone who LOVES, LOVES, LOVES zombies!!
Hopefully she loves it!!
Be safe this Halloween my friends!!