Sunday, March 20, 2016

Swoon!!!!! I Am In Love!

I love bibles!  Truth be told, I'm one of those people that have several bibles because I love all the different options and covers and versions.  But recently, I've caught the bible journaling bug.  Writing in my bible isn't necessarily new, but CREATING in my bible has me giddy with excitement.  I am totally excited about journaling and leaving a legacy for my daughter down the road (even though she doesn't realize it).

There's a new bible out called Inspire and it has over 400 illustrations already done in it.  It's like buying an adult coloring book.......but it's the bible!!!!!  I am so excited!  Did I tell you that already?  What truly has me excited, other than the crafting part of it, is that this is one thing my daughter is excited to do.  It's something we are doing together.  I am truly grateful for that.  It is also bringing us closer to God with the study of his words!

Here is a page I just did.  The illustration was already part of my bible.  I just colored it and added some paint to the edge.  Then I fixed a tab at the top with washi tape.

If you're interested in knowing more about it, there's a fabulous website called  Go there and investigate and the head over to Pinterest and search for bible journaling.  You will truly be "Inspired" by all the journaling and pages done by a lot of truly talented people.